Fence Project

Proposed New Fence

We are currently undergoing a capital fund-raising project to build a new fence that will border Rouse Road. Our fundraising goal of $50,000 will go towards  building a new commercial grade ornamental fence that will have brick columns. The front entrance will be relocated to align with the marble sign and flagpole. The new front entrance will be set back to allow for cars to pull off from the road.


  • Engineering plans obtained (completed)
  • Site survey obtained (completed)
  • Fence permit obtained (completed) 
  • Remove existing fence (completed)
  • Tree and landscape removal from fence line. (completed)

Pending Items:

  • Fundraise/solicit donations
  • Secure contractor for column installation
  • Purchase materials and installation of footers
  • Call for inspections
  • Purchase bricks
  • Build columns
  • Purchase ornamental fencing and hardware
  • Install fencing
  • Purchase and install gates


Goal is $50,000
Donations to date is $5176.58

Please consider donating to our Fence Project to beautify our historic, pioneer cemetery.

You might consider donating in memory of a loved one who has passed, or in honor of a friend or family member.

Your donation is tax-deductible. You can donate quickly and easily by using the donate button to be directed to our PayPal account.

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For questions about the project or donating, call Treasurer Denise Aldridge at 407-466-4431 or email drawdyrouse@yahoo.com.