The Drawdy-Rouse Cemetery is a Florida Not For Profit Corporation called Drawdy-Rouse Family Cemetery, Inc. The cemetery is active and is accepting new burials. The address for the cemetery is 4050 Rouse Road, Orlando, FL 32817.

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Please contact Bill Rouse at 321-663-4446 or email him at drawdyrouse@yahoo.com for more information or to reserve a plot. The current plot price is $3,000, which is for one casket burial or two cremation burials. The price for the Urn Garden is $1,000.

The new beautiful fence has been completed, along with new gates.

Would you like to donate to the Drawdy-Rouse Cemetery? Your donation will go toward the continuing maintenance of the cemetery. You may donate in honor of someone or in memory of someone who has passed.

You may donate using the button below. You can use your PayPal account, or use your credit card or debit card to donate. All transactions are secure. Or you can send us a check to the address below.



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The cemetery is open from dawn until dusk.

When visiting the cemetery, please drive your vehicle into the cemetery, being careful not to park near tombstones. For more information, please email drawdyrouse@yahoo.com.

There are 763 interments in the Drawdy Rouse cemetery.


For more info Contact:

Bill Rouse


email drawdyrouse@yahoo.com

The MAILING address is:

P. O. Box 677725, Orlando, FL 32867-7725