Urn Gardens

Urn Gardens are in-ground graves for the burial of cremated remains. Each grave holds one burial of cremated remains. Due to the small size of these graves 2.5 ft by 2.5 ft only flush marker 12″x 24″are permitted. Small Urn vaults are to be used so the remains can be located if necessary. 

B2 24" X 12" Bronze Cemetery Memorial Marker

Please call the Cemetery at 321-663-4446 for information or e-mail us at Drawdyrouse@yahoo.com

It is against the law for you to scatter or bury cremated remains in cemeteries on your own. Drawdy Rouse Cemetery does not have a scattering garden for cremated remains. All burials must be scheduled with a Cemetery director. Cemeteries are required to keep records of all burials and one of our directors will verify opens and closes on all graves. The opening and closing fees are included in the plot price and is necessary to maintain our cemetery. Please call the Cemetery at 321-663-4446 to schedule the burial of cremated remains.

Plot price:

We are not selling plots at this time.